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Feature Films Online!

I love watching movies. But as many DVDs as we have, there are many that are missing from the collection. Thanks to Susie, however, I can now watch some of my favorites on line!!


There are hundreds of movies, and you can use several strategies to browse them.

You might want to check ’em out!

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Your Mood Ring is Yellow





Mood Ring Generator

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Check THIS out!!

I’m a Golden Retriever!!

I’m a Golden Retriever!!

What Fun! Wonder what kind of cat I am???

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I got this idea from Daydreaming on Paper

Ten words that I like:

  1. God
  2. Christ
  3. Salvation
  4. Redemption
  5. Faith
  6. Prayer
  7. Curmudgeon 🙂
  8. Republic
  9. Love
  10. Friendship

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Beauty –

So many things in this world are beautiful – and we just don’t appreciate them! Well, here is something that brought me to tears –

The sound is lovely, too!

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Since I married him, the Ol’ Curmudgeon has occasionally pulled a surprise on me. Life with him has never been dull! The Pond, with him, is marvelous!

So I shouldn’t have been so shocked when he looked up from some cook books he was perusing and announced that when he retired, if we could afford it, he’d love to go to cooking school!! WOW!

Well the Atlanta Culinary Institute it beyond expensive and into a small fortune to attend. So I assumed we’d have to find some other ways to do it.

I was at Publix picking up a couple of things in the bakery, and one of the employees was being incredibly helpful – like Publix people usually are. I asked if they too classes to learn baking, and she replied that it was more like OJT with occasional continuing training classes. So I told her what the Ol’ Curmudgeon said, and she told me that Publix runs a cooking school!!! Not only that, but she flagged down the manager as he went past, and he kindly wrote out the contact information for me!

Turns out that the Publix up in Alpharetta runs a cooking school. When called and told the OC, he didn’t sound real interested – “I really want Cordon Bleu,” he says. I was a bit downcast. Here I’d found a cooking school for him that probably wouldn’t cost us the mortgage on the house, and he didn’t seem to care! “Well,” I said, in an attempt at making him a bit more positive about it, “at least you could maybe learn some knife skills. That is always needed.” He was grumpy as usual.

When I returned home, 4 hours later, he had already looked them up on the internet, and was making plans to take some of their courses!! Turns out, it’s run by a trained chef, and their “guest instructors” include people like Alton Brown, Paula Deen and the occasional visit by Emeril Lagasse!! Cool! Now he’s enthusiastic. Looks like he’s going to take some 1/2 days off over the next few years to take some of these classes.

Guess the old girl isn’t so useless after all!!

Happy Smile

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