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2018 – January

Himself and I have had no luck with gardening in the past. I also have no luck keeping nice plants given me by others in good shape. I forget to water them, and we keep our house pretty dark most of the time. Well, too dark for houseplants, anyway!

So, Himself really surprised me in late January by ordering an AeroGarden (by Miracle Gro) Bounty Elite. (http://www.aerogarden.com/). Only  6 days after setting it up, we had little seedlings sprouting! We were both stunned, and excited, and finally feeling a bit optimistic about growing some edibles! Of course, it will take a LOT of edibles to start balancing the cost of the AeroGarden, but just gotta calculate in the FUN of the whole thing!

We are growing 2 mini cherry tomatoes, basil, dill, Italian parsley, curley parsley, thyme, mint and chives.

2018 – February

We were having so much fun and wanted to have more than the 9 spaces available in the Elite garden, so we got another one (Harvest) with 6 spaces just for lettuce (Parris Island, Black Seeded Simpson, Deer Tongue, Marvel of the 4 Seasons, Red Sails and Rouge d’Hiver). All are mildly flavored leaf lettuces, some have red leaves among their green leaves – makes for a very colorful salad. Looking forward to the time, in about 3 months, when we can have a lettuce, tomato and basil salad with chives. Also looking forward to when we have enough basil to make pesto. YUM!


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